Welcome to our online shop: The Time 4 Me

How are you today: We are here because we care for you. As our name signifies, we want to encourage you to spend time with yourself.

  • Books: TIME 1 is discribed as a workbook. you are invited to grab your pen and paper as you read along to make your own notes as you re-identify yourself.
  • MY Barefoot Marathon Walk is reminding you that your dreams matter and could be relating things to you, and inspires you to turn the dreams into reality. Some examples are given of scientists and others who had used and benefited from this medium would encourage you further.
  • SNACK TIME is motivading you to concentrate on food that would improve your health as it points out the nutritional benefits of these foods it has suggested to you to eat as snack.
  • My 24-Hour Day: A simple wall map size time management planner that encourages you to utilize the 24-hours of the day wisely and not wastefully. Every second counts and so you are prompted on keeping to time.
  • Feeling Good: Here we have put together some health products that we believe would help you if you do decide to look into improving your health and lifestyle: such as some food supplements, massage and exercise equipments etc.
  • Gifts: There are 24-hours in a day. We want to encourage you our friends to start looking at time piece and not digital time keeping method which is not mentally challenging.. So most of the items we stock are unique, 24-hour clocks, watches and rings. Our jewellery items are mainly made from precious or semi precious gems that relate to birthdays, anniversaries etc. Some of these items you may have to order as they may be made specifically for the occassion you require. We may have to say 'no' to some requests.

Please feel free to browse through our shop. We hope you enjoy your visit.

If there is anything in particular you'd like us to provide for you in terms of service or products that are not physically displayed in the shop, please let us know and we would try our best to assist if such request are within our capability and would not be contradictory to our beliefs, we would gladly do so. But if such request is something or a service we are not able to provide, we would try our best to refer you to someone who might be of better assistance.