Health Fulfilment Encouragement

The Time 4 Me

We are here because we care for you. We want to encourage you to spend time with yourself.


Time will encourage you to assess how successful you are at attempting to manage your own personal journey through life and 'time'.

"Time 1 encouraged me to make a meaningful and positive changes in my life" - Carmi

"cried when I read chapter of death" - Chi Chi


Barefoot Marathon walk

We all have dreams as human beings some may decide to act and others choose to ignore it. Barefoot encourages you to take steps to achieve your dreams.

MY Barefoot Marathon Walk is reminding you that your dreams matter and could be relating things to you, and inspires you to turn the dreams into reality.



Prevention is better than cure. Snack time, talks about how to achieve a daily balanced diet, living a healthy fulfilled life.

SNACK TIME is motivating you to concentrate on food that would improve your health as it points out the nutritional benefits of these foods it has suggested to you to eat as snack.