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My Barefoot Marathon Walk is a true story and encourages the reader to be inspired and motivated by dream, The book is about the author walking barefoot in a dream.

This dream she later carried out in real life and walked barefoot from Kent to West London in order to raise money for GUGU Charity. The book narrates sequence of events from the dream to the real life walk showing the event images. It also contains 24 words of encouragement which you would never be able to find together in one document. This is a must read book for spiritual growth and inspiration.

Book Review:

It is clear that the book is far more than just an account of the walk itself. Drawing on her religious background, knowledge of the Church and of the Bible, Sylvia has described in great detail how the idea of the walk came about and how she prepared for it. She also demonstrates great skill in putting the idea of the walk in a historical context, using practical examples to show how different individuals throughout time have used being barefooted to demonstrate their own status as a contrast to those around them. Sylvia has used appropriate quotations from the Bible to reinforce these different points

The second part of the book is given over to Sylvia’s thoughts and feelings in the period of time leading up to the walk. Clearly the walk was a bold undertaking but, having got to know Sylvia whilst helping in the production of her first book, she is a determined person and, when reading through the initial part of the story, I had no doubts that she would achieve her personal goal. It can be argued that the successful culmination of this project is a message and a beacon to other people who have similar aims and ambitions – with planning, patience and determination, goals can be achieved and dreams can come true.

Murray Eckett