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Being aware of the fact that the body cannot do anything for itself, it is our responsibility to help it to run smoothly and efficiently by supplying it with the necessary ingredients. Snack Time fulfils your 5 a day nutritional needs, as a snack in a pack, carried easily anywhere anytime.


In 2016, I was very ill and decided to change my diet eating what is now known as 'Snack Time' My General Practitioner saw the immense health improvement I made within a year and suggested that I promote the book in the area, for the benefit of others.

Dietician at St Thomas’s Hospital bought a copy and recommended the book to clients as eating these snacks would help improve their health.

A nurse bought the book and has introduced the snack to her friends, because she too had noticed the difference in my health between 2016 and 2017.

It is now your turn to buy the book and start eating healthy. Have a better lifestyle.

You don’t eat according to your mood

We need to be health-wise.