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Why this is a must read book:

My General Practitioner bought a copy because he saw the immense health improvement I made within a year and suggested that I place leaflets about the book in the surgeries for other patients to buy the book; and these leaflets go so fast.

Dietician at St Thomas’s Hospital bought a copy and promised to recommend the book to clients as eating these snacks would help improve their health

A nurse bought the book and has promised to introduce the snack to her friends because she too had noticed the difference in my health between 2016 and 2017.

It is now your turn to buy the book and start eating healthy and have better lifestyle.

You don’t eat according to your mode

We need to be health-wise.

Book Reviews:

Snack Time is a production from research on food and our bodies. This compact, forty-eight page book is full of detailed and encouraging information for the reader to make a conscious decision to eat healthy fruits and vegetables daily in order to give the body its full amount of nutrients. Being aware of the fact that the body cannot do anything for itself, it is our responsibility to help it to run smoothly and efficiently by supplying it with the necessary ingredients.

This snack is not recommended only for their nutritional supply and work they do in the body, but also because they are easily carried about as a snack in a pack. This means Snack time could be anywhere but at an appropriate time; for example, when travelling on the bus, or on the train or in the car; or while waiting for someone or something to happen. Snack between meals, with this recommended snack makes one eat smaller portions at meal times because you will not feel too hungry when you finally sit down to have regular meals.

These snacks are easy to maintain on a regular basis, once the discipline to eat a healthy meal a day is set. This book also provides for the reader not only the nutritional benefits of eating these foods as a snack every day.